Block Table and CoinblockMax Launch Smartwatch Token: WATCH


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Block Table is excited to announce the public sale of its innovative smartwatch on December 1, 2024, priced at $299 on the official website. Additionally, Block Table has partnered with the renowned cryptocurrency platform CoinblockMax to develop a new cryptocurrency called WATCH. This integration aims to revolutionize the intersection of health, technology, and digital assets, creating a groundbreaking decentralized project that fosters the development of user health and wealth.


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Current AI Features of the Smartwatch

  1. Health Data Monitoring: Tracks heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, activity levels, and provides health reports.
  2. Personalized Health Advice: Offers personalized health suggestions based on user health data and activity habits.
  3. Voice Assistant: Allows users to query health data, set reminders, or control other smart devices through voice commands.
  4. Gesture Control: Enables touchless operations such as swiping and tapping through gesture recognition technology.
  5. Emotion Sensor: Uses biosensors to detect the user’s emotional state and offers music or breathing exercises to help regulate emotions.
  6. Virtual Fitness Coach: Analyzes user exercise data to provide personalized workout plans and real-time feedback.
  7. Smart Sleep Analysis: Monitors sleep patterns, providing detailed analysis of deep and REM sleep, and offers suggestions to improve sleep quality.
  8. Environmental Adaptation: Automatically adjusts display brightness and notification volume based on current environmental conditions (e.g., temperature, humidity, light intensity).


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Future AI Development Directions (2025-2028)

  1. Energy Management Advisor: Analyzes user activity patterns and energy consumption to provide optimized daily energy allocation suggestions.
  2. Smart Payment Assistant: Enables secure contactless payments via the smartwatch and offers budget management and spending advice based on user habits.
  3. Emergency Response Coordinator: Automatically contacts emergency services and notifies emergency contacts when detecting potential emergencies (e.g., falls, sudden illness).
  4. Language Translator: Provides real-time voice translation to help users overcome language barriers during international travel or communication with non-native speakers.
  5. Smart Schedule Planner: Automatically plans and optimizes schedules based on daily activities and habits, ensuring efficient time management.
  6. Virtual Reality Interaction: Works with VR devices to control virtual objects through the smartwatch, offering an immersive experience.


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WATCH Token Economic Model

Token Utility

  1. Health Rewards: Users earn WATCH tokens by achieving set health goals, such as step counts, heart rate zones, and sleep quality.
  2. Feature Access: Certain advanced smartwatch features require WATCH tokens to unlock.
  3. Community Governance: WATCH token holders can participate in voting on smartwatch feature updates and health plans.

Token Distribution

  1. Initial Issuance: A fixed initial supply of WATCH tokens will be set.
  2. Mining Mechanism: Users can “mine” WATCH tokens by frequently using the smartwatch’s health monitoring features.
  3. Deflationary Mechanism and Rewards Design: Transaction fees will be used to fund a liquidity pool and perform token burns, effectively controlling the supply and offering continuous dividend rewards to incentivize long-term holding.


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Value Capture

  1. Transaction Fees: A percentage of WATCH tokens will be collected as fees for transactions within the smartwatch app store.
  2. Partnerships: Collaborations with health product providers will allow users to purchase health products or services with WATCH tokens.

Token Circulation

  1. Liquidity Incentives: A liquidity pool will be available, allowing users to earn interest by depositing WATCH tokens.
  2. Token Buyback and Burn: Regular buybacks and burns of tokens using app store revenue will reduce circulating supply and increase scarcity.

Security and Compliance

  1. Smart Contract Audits: Ensuring the security of the token’s smart contracts to prevent vulnerabilities and attacks.
  2. Legal Compliance: Adhering to relevant laws and regulations to ensure the legality of token issuance and trading.


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WATCH Token Details

  • Token Name: WATCH
  • Launch Date: TBD
  • ICO Price: TBD
  • Presale Price: TBD
  • Token Supply: TBD
  • ICO and Presale Period: TBD

Participation and Expectations

The launch of WATCH signifies a revolutionary transformation in the ecosystem. We sincerely invite you to actively participate in the subscription and presale events, becoming a part of the WATCH community, and witnessing the dawn of a new era in decentralized deflationary cryptocurrencies. As the release date approaches, please stay tuned. With your support, WATCH is poised to become a leading digital asset, ensuring sustained value appreciation.

For more information and updates, please visit our official website or contact our support team.

Company Details

Organization: CoinBlockMax

Contact Person: Fred Kopriva



Country: United Kingdom

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