Embodiment of ‘MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE’ – LAB HEENOOR Illuminates ‘Design Shanghai’

Shanghai, China – From June 19 to 22, 2024, the prestigious Asian design event, “Design Shanghai,” was brilliantly inaugurated and concluded at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. On this platform, which gathers top designers and brand masterpieces from around the globe, LAB HEENOOR captivated countless visitors with its unique “FUPAST” themed innovative space design, demonstrating the brand’s steadfast commitment to exploring diverse futures.


Since its inception in 2023, LAB HEENOOR has been dedicated to perfectly combining diverse high-street trends with original designs, infusing life with boundless creativity. It not only meets expectations but surpasses them, discovering new visual experiences through a self-discovery attitude. In LAB HEENOOR’s world, standards are not cold assembly line but an expression of freedom. It dares to deconstruct traditions, redefining the boundaries of design, making each piece shine with unique artistic charm. Self-exploration drives LAB HEENOOR forward, delving into new perceptions and needs for life, transforming the impossible into reality, and embodying the brand spirit of “MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE.”

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For YJ ZHANG, the brand’s founder, the profound connection between the brand and people is paramount: “The development of industry is no longer traditional. I hope our products, when facing the market and consumers, not only offer rational product advantages but also resonate emotionally with consumers. They should not be cold but warm companions suitable for their lives.”


At this year’s “Design Shanghai,” LAB HEENOOR’s theme, “FUPAST,” epitomizes the brand’s worldview. It cleverly merges the concepts of FU (Future and Fusion) with PAST, intertwining the profound meanings of past and future. This theme carries the founder’s expectations for the mother brand HEENOOR’s century-long glory, transcending time and space, from 2023 to a splendid 2099, like a witness to an era, experiencing multiple revolutions in technology, nature, and human society.


“Human-Centric” has always been the core principle of LAB HEENOOR. As the brand’s General Manager, QUAN CHEN, once stated: “As one of the brand founders with an advertising background, I deeply understand the importance of products in creating connections between people. Every product should carry a unique story, serving as a bridge for emotional exchange between individuals.”


In this context, LAB HEENOOR brings a glimmer of hope with its unique brand philosophy and design. Through the 2099 portal constructed at the exhibition, connecting past and future, it not only reminds people to learn from history but also encourages them to actively explore the future, seeking possibilities for harmonious coexistence with nature. Visitors followed LAB HEENOOR into an astonishing sci-fi world. The laser curtains created a dreamy starlight effect, making the entire space feel like the vast universe. Moreover, the interactive 3D makeup-changing installation provided an immersive experience, making it unforgettable. In the display area, meticulously designed LAB HEENOOR water bottles were neatly arranged, each showcasing the brand’s unique charm and exquisite craftsmanship.


The infinity symbol, a hidden design element in the LAB HEENOOR logo, symbolizes the cyclical nature of time and creativity. It represents humanity’s reflection on the past, cherishing the present, and infinite aspirations for the future. On this seemingly ephemeral planet, although humanity possesses the ability to explore the universe, they constantly seek a grounded sense of home. LAB HEENOOR’s design philosophy calls for valuing nature and protecting the environment, collectively creating a more sustainable future.


Additionally, the entire LAB HEENOOR series uses high corrosion-resistant, high oxidation-resistant SUS 316L stainless steel, equipped with exclusive silver ion antibacterial technology, achieving an effective antibacterial rate of up to 99.9%, ensuring users’ health and safety. The product’s inner liner employs rotary thin electrolysis mirror technology, making the cup body as light as a feather, 17.5% lighter than vacuum bottles of the same volume, and slip-resistant without leaving fingerprints. The environmentally friendly sandblasting process endows the cup body with unique aesthetics, pleasing to the eye.


On the international design stage of “Design Shanghai,” LAB HEENOOR showcased its superb design and craftsmanship innovation, highlighting the brand’s excellence and deep insights into the future and nature. Through the 2099 timeline backdrop and the exhibition of the entire series of travel cups, LAB HEENOOR successfully led people into a hopeful future world, demonstrating the brand’s unwavering commitment to sustainable development.


In the future, LAB HEENOOR will continue to explore and innovate in design, dedicated to creating more creative and beautiful products, bringing more possibilities for humanity and nature. They firmly believe that only by adhering to the concept of sustainable development can we jointly protect our Earth home, allowing humanity and nature to coexist and thrive in harmony.


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